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GoodLook is a professional recording studio located in the historic Grainbelt Buildings of NE Minneapolis, featuring a vast array of both analog and modern digital tools. As former recording artists we understand the craft from both sides of the mic. We specialize in vocal production, songwriting, production and composition for all genres of music, as well as commercial music and voice-over for TV, Film, Web or Audio Books . Let us make your sound the BEST IT CAN BE! 



It's what we do!  If you are looking for someone who just "pushes the button" then you might be disappointed.  We care about your sound and give every effort during the recording process to bring decades of knowledge to the table. Vocals for a huge pop record or VO for commercial application or Audio Book,  your best performance is our job!


A full protools HD studio with UAD Apollo conversion, we offer both analogue outboard gear as well as a huge assortment of plugins.  If you need it we will find it.  We edit, arrange and mix records working closely with the artists or client to achieve the sound they want.  Mastering can be done in house or we can refer you to one of our partners that specialize in the art.



Our songwriting and production credits include both major label and indy artists as well as numerous tv/film placements, commercials and corporate communication pieces. Whether it's helping develop an artist's sound or simply replacing a kick in an otherwise finished production, we deliver the content and creative spark our clients' need. Working with artists, music houses, companies and music supervisors... yeah, we do that!

Recording | Mixing | Mastering | Production | Creative

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