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Our Clients range from Grammy winning and nominated producers, song wirters and artists to award winning music houses and corporate partners.  Here is a brief list:


Poo Bear, 50 Cent, Bryson Tiller, KayCyy Pluto, Caroline Polachek, Rahki, Printz Board, Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy, Talib Kweli, Jovonta Patton, Selena Brills, TeawhYB, Charlie Urick, Wisco YD, Tha RIft, J. Plaza, Tribal East, Wisco Kidz, Jysa BP, SotaSleep, Grant D, Young Hustle, Taylor Red, Josh One, David Sides, Reloaded, Mr. Newz, Contra, Orikal, Ashley Dubose, Hampton-Adair, Jordan Looney, MacMillan Publishing, Starwood Malls, Egg-Music, Modern Music, Emoto Music, CA state Lottery, NFL, Gillette, Hot-Wheels, CNN, Center Stage 2, National Lampoon, Quincy Jones' Playground Sessions, Cristopher and Banks, Amie Dibba, Ryan Elder, Princess Rap Battles, Kingdom Kings, DJ Saint Joel, Thai and 454 ent, Ray-Ban, Disney, ABC  and many many more.


IMG_0894 2_edited
Poo Bear and Bryson Tiller
A room
B Room Vibes
B Room
A room Vibes
Golden and Slash
Manley Ref C
Poet Name Life and Josh One
Hammer Time
Sean Paul and Farenheit
Polo Da Don
Casey Golden and Lil Scrappy
Get comfy
Vocal Booth

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